Ashpalt Repair

Every job starts by cleaning thoroughly, we edge the driveway with paint brushes so theres never any spray on the house or concrete sounding. We then prep the cracks for hot rubber and fill the them from the bottom up. Once the cracks are filled we spray the BlackMac sealing product with heavy even coats that will protect the asphalt and the rubber seal.

Extend the life of your asphalt while making it look great.

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Seal n Pave


Our BlackMac applications wear evenly and will stay black up to 3 years, and we warranty our product for that long too.

3 years on residential, 2 years on commercial applications.

Don't settle for over the counter products you'd buy at a hardware store that just sit on top and then quickly, peal, chip and flake over time. Get BlackMac.

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Environmentally safe - non-toxic non-hazardous non-flammable, and repepels 100% of all liquids - eliminates destruction of asphalt caused by oil, gas, ultra violet rays and water. Lasting 3x longer than any other product.

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Seal-n-Pave is your friendly solution for all your asphalt repair needs since 2005.

We offer the finest product in the industry, its called BlackMac.BlackMac is an oil based sealer thats combined with asphalt rejuvenators to make this product soak in, stay black, wear evenly, and last longer – unlike other products which will just sit on top and then quickly, peal, chip and flake over time.

Seal-n-Pave will provide professional service for every job, big or small.

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We’ve Got Your Driveway Covered…


Free NO OBLIGATION Driveway Restoration Inspection & Diagnosis

Tired of looking at it? Dealing with it? Worrying about it? Yet not sure where to start?

Don’t wonder what unseen damage lurks beneath your driveway, let our experts analyze, inspect and diagnose your drive way, at no cost to you. We’ll show you where your real problem lay, discuss your options for fixing it, and demonstrate how you can restore your driveway to safety and beauty—without the steep cost of replacement!


Black Mac Restores It Black

Embarrassed by a dingy, worn out driveway? Restore it Back with BlackMac…
Our professional team of driveway protection specialists applies this Premier Driveway Restorative with a specialized, low-pressure spray applicator that combines the same oil based sealer that makes up your driveway with asphalt rejuvenators, so it soaks in, stays black, and wears evenly—for a longer lasting driveway that won’t chip, peal or flake for years. All for far less than you’d invest on driveway replacement. What’s even better? It’s guaranteed for 3 years! (2 years commercial application).

Don’t wait until people start to notice…



Concrete Clear Coating Extends the Life & Beauty of Your Driveway
Worried your new driveway will look destroyed in just a few years?

If you’ve recently had a driveway installed, and you want to insure that it remains beautiful for years to come, then you’ll love our Concrete Clearcoating. We use premium quality sealer to provide a protective top coat that prevents the normal drive way wear and tear, and leaves your driveway looking beautiful for years to come.

Don’t leave your driveway at the mercy of weather, heavy vehicles, and unpredictable events…



Asphalt & Crack Repair Prevents Further Damage

Let’s face it…

Rough winters, rapid thaws and every day wear and tear can leave your driveway filled with cracks. By filling each crack with hot rubber, we reduce the amount of water that penetrates the pavements surface, and slow down the deterioration and expansion.

Don’t wait for that crack to turn into a costly nightmare!

The faster you call us, the faster we can prevent your cracks from turning into potholes.



Pot Hole Repair Doesn’t Just Cover Up Eye Sores, It Reduces Danger & Damage

Worried your pot holes will cause irreparable damage or pain?

More than just eye sores, these dangers lay in wait, causing trips, falls, spills, and even damage to your vehicles alignment. To reduce pot hole growth and ensure your driveway can stand up to heavy cars and trucks, we smooth out and fill with hot mix asphalt—the safest, fastest and most affordable solution for pot hole repair.

Don’t wait until tragedy strikes.

The faster you call us, the more likely we can save you $10,000+ on repair instead of replacement!



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