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Pressure Washing Prep Before Sealant Application

Pressure Washing is one of the key factors before sealing for a long lasting application. Pressure washing cleans and opens the pours of the asphalt pavement. So the sealant isn’t just sticking to dirt. This way sealant soaks deeper into the surface grade for longer lasting application.

Hot Rubber Crack Filling Prevents Further Damage

Let’s face it…Rough winters, rapid throns and everyday wear and tear can leave you pavement filled with cracks. By filling each crack with hot rubber, we reduce the amount of water that penetrates the pavements surface, and slow down the deterioration and expansion.
Don’t wait for that crack to turn into a costly nightmare!
The faster you call us, the faster we can prevent your cracks from turning into potholes.

Black Mac Asphalt Sealant Restores It Back to Black

Embarrassed by a dingy, worn out pavement? Restore it Back to Black with Black Mac… Our professional team of asphalt protection specialists applies this Premier Pavement Restorative with a specialized, low-pressure spray applicator that combines the same oil binder that makes up your asphalt pavement with added asphalt rejuvenators, so it soaks in, stays black, and wears evenly – for a longer lasting pavement that won’t chip. peel or flake for years to come. All for far less than you’d invest on pavement replacement. What’s even better? It’s guranteed for 3 years? ( 2 years on commercial application ).

Pot Hole Repair Doesn't Just Cover Up Eye Sores, it Reduces Danger & Damage

Worried your pot holes will cause irreparable damage or pain? More than just eye sores, these dangers lay in wait, causing trips, falls, spills, and even damage to your pavement can stand up to heavy cars and trucks, we smooth out and fill with hot mix asphalt – that safest, fastest and most affordable solution for pot hole repair. Don’t wait untill tragedy stricks. The faster you call us, the more likely we can save you $10,000+ on repair instead of replacement!

We Also Offer Concrete Clear Coating

Concrete Clear Coating Ectends the Life & Beauty of Your Driveway
Worried your new driveway will look destroyed in just a few years?
If you’ve recently had a driveway installed, and you want to insure that it remains beautiful for years to come or it’s just old and needs to be cleaned and pretected. Then you’ll love our Concrete Clearcoating. We use Premium High Quality sealer to provide a protective top coat that prevents the normal drive way wear and tear, and leaves your driveway looking beautiful for years to come.
Don’t Leave your driveway at the mercy of weather, salt heavy vehicles, oil stains, and unpredictabe events…
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The faster you call us, the faster we can prevent any chip, peel or flake for years to come.